Phobias and Anxieties

Phobias and anxieties are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at any point in our lives. Through hypnosis, we are able to help you revisit the past or envision the future in order to help alleviate both the analog and digital issues that occur in our unconscious minds as a result of our unresolved experiences or unrealistic expectations.  We can help you live in today with the peaceful awareness that you deserve.

Smoking, Addictions and Obsessions

This is the heavy stuff. The entire treatment confronts dealing with addictive cravings. We will find the deeper issues of addiction and the “drivers” that make the addiction continue. The methods used should get you off of cigarettes or whatever you are obsessed with, for good. Clients must be at THRESHOLD for this to work #1) SOMETHING MUST CHANGE! #2) IT HAS TO BE ME! and #3) IT HAS TO BE NOW! Unless you are at at this point then you  just won’t change, or the change will be temporary or incomplete. This hypnotic treatment requires an entire personal change of behavior and possibly and complete change of identification. You will have to be entirely ready to work for this change. Because of this - No refunds or guarantees.

Pain Management

Dealing with pain is one of the areas in which hypnosis truly shines.  Hypnosis can actually be used for pain of any variety because pain exist primarily in the mind. Swelling, migraines, soreness and all kinds of pain can be managed through trance. Hypnosis has even been used as an analgesia and anesthesia.  Pain does actually serve an important purpose though. It’s vital that you keep in mind that pain is a message. It’s information, and a signal that something, somewhere, is wrong. To simply remove the pain without permitting the signal to deliver its message, is a very bad idea.  Therefor I will need your doctor's permission before removing your pain. When eliminating the pain, we will be careful to install a system of awareness so that the bodies' warning is received in a painless manner. 

Weight Management

It is better to think of weight management as an ongoing discipline, rather than a quick fix. Hypnosis can help get rid of that last few pounds or help the grossly obese. Direct suggestion in hypnosis can often work for weight management, converting the body into a fat burning machine. However there are many different approaches for this issue depending on your needs. You may want to manage your weight for health reasons, a desire to get in shape, pressure from a spouse or whatever. The important thing is to identify the reason for weight management and address it. We may also be addressing additional underlying issues concerning weight such as metabolism, beliefs, food cravings and self-esteem. You won’t be required to give a doctor’s permission unless there are underlying medical conditions.

Procrastination and InsomNia

Procrastination is one of the most common psychological difficulties that people experience. The problem is, the longer you wait, the more your anxiety builds up and the greater the stress is created around the issue. Procrastination may also be habituated. You just automatically procrastinate, even on relatively innocuous things. One of the best things you can do to continue to integrate and grow, is to allow me to get rid of procrastination in your life. Learn to front-end load all your problems and just  do it immediately!

There are 2 types of insomnia. #1) Difficulty initially falling asleep and #2) Awakening in the middle of sleep and being unable to get back to sleep. Both of these issues can be easily dealt with through trance. I assume there is a positive intention behind the unconscious mind’s creation of insomnia. I address this out loud and honor the unconscious mind.  By honoring the positive intention behind the behavior, the unconscious will listen and comply with your request of a good full nights sleep. 

Sexual & Relationship Issues

Using hypnosis to improve sexual and love lives is becoming extremely popular right now. Using trance is a highly effective approach to healing sexual and relationship issues since sex is an emotional experience and the body literally reacts to what the unconscious mind is thinking on all levels. Through hypnosis may erase previous negative baggage, eliminate phobias, remove anxiety and get rid of those annoying insecurities. We also will build self esteem and  confidence enhancing the way your body responds to mental, emotional and sexual stimulation. Hypnosis can help you feel great about yourself.  It can help you feel sexy and virile again. These sessions can be done as individuals or as a couple. You can have a healthy sexual life again.

Self ESteem and Confidence

Hypnosis can be used as a powerful method to building self love, self confidence and self esteem. Regardless of what caused these unhealthy thinking patterns and negative behaviors, hypnosis can effectively improve your self worth and mental health.  By accessing your unconscious mind you can take control of your internal feelings about yourself. When you have high self-esteem, you will feel good about yourself. When you feel confident, you will feel good about the things that you do or about to do. Hypnosis can be a highly effective approach to eliminating our doubts, insecurities and emotional baggage. It's all about changing your mindset thus changing the unconscious negative patterns of thinking into positive thoughts and actions. That's right, when you change the way you think about yourself, you will change the way you act around others.

Improve Memory or Intution

The use of hypnosis to help improve your memory has been commonly used  by therapists to help their patients remember traumatic childhood memories or law enforcement officials trying to get eyewitnesses to remember key details of a scene or event. You can use hypnosis to get better at recalling information you may have forgotten, like the code to a safe or a password, or to retain information you may need later for a test. It can also be used to teach our brain techniques for stimulating better recollection.

Intuition is a feeling which comes from deep within your gut. It is often referred to as psychic abilities and can be  an inexplicable feeling telling you that to act a certain way for no apparent reason. It is simply instinctual perception of the obscure. You will have an increased awareness into the realm of probabilities.

These sessions will enable you to tap into a heightened awareness within your unconscious mind.

Better Life Choices

Is there a major decision that you are unclear about or are you generally indecisive? Hypnosis enables you to draw upon more of yourself. You may discover the extra clarity or depth to feed into your decision making process. There may be insights as we reach into our unconscious mind that will magnify our knowledge and intuition or intensify our experiences and creativity. You will be able to overcome all the psychological barriers that have been stopping you from making the right decisions and you will intuitively improve your decision making skills. Through hypnosis you will not only gain the clarity needed to make educated decisions but you also will benefit from the confidence needed to put those decisions into action.   You can take charge of your life and make strong healthy decisions.

Enhancing Performance

Many athletes have have found the value of hypnosis to enhance their performance. This can be especially true when they are going through a stressful time or recovering from an injury.  It is often used as a stress management technique and can also accelerate many aspects of mental training.  Many of us have heard the term “being in the zone.” In sports, this is a natural state of trance in which everything on the field or court seems to slow down and the game comes easily to the player.  This trance like "being in the zone" not only works for for athletes but the  same principles apply in any activates you choose to engage in. Through hypnosis you can be "in the zone" not only in sports, but at work, while public speaking, while on the stage or even while playing a video game. You can reduce stress, eliminate anxieties, act or react boldly and confidently because your unconscious mind has the programs installed to allow you to stay "in the zone".  Your performance will become exponentially intensified as the unconscious mind exercises these techniques each time you go into this state of mind.

Spiritual Health

Hypnosis is effectively used to amplify positives and understand and reduce hindrances and blocks. This process brings out the best version of you in all aspects of your personality.  It will affect you physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and also spiritually. Hypnosis assist you in gaining insight and perspective. Spiritual hypnosis is rediscovering the core of who you are with all the resources that you brought into this world to share with others and to fulfill your unique potential in life. It is healing the misperceptions and emotional residue that may have caused you to think you are unlovable, unworthy, or incapable. You will be able to develop a deeper connection with God and others.  You will learn to love yourself and spread that love to others thus multiplying it exponentially. These session will guide your unconscious mind into the core of your spirit where you are truly altruistic, God-centered and at joy.

Explanation of my logo

The maze is both black and white for both our positive and negative thoughts and feelings. There is a red blood line flowing through the maze symbolizing the paths we take in life. The center core, diamond or pupil of the eye illustrates our inner core or true self. The blue circle represents the cooling protective healing shield of hypnosis. My logo has both occult and esoteric meaning which embodies the healing work that we will accomplish together though hypnotism.