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The Plan, Vision & Promise

My Hypnosis plan for you

First we envision what we want to accomplish, then we create a plan for your desired outcome, next we inspire the change and we breathe life into it. Finally, we transform by enabling our original vision to become reality.  This process does not have to be laborious and grueling, on the contrary it should be invigorating, fun and enjoyable. I feel that life is a blessing and a gift to be appreciated and relished. My plan is to help you find that healing love that has always been stored in your soul. I just want you to be empowered as you look inside yourself to become all that you've always wanted to be. 

My Hypnotic Vision of Life

I believe that your unconscious mind is the absolute best untapped resource for healing and growth. I believe that God has provided all of us with extraordinary potential inside us. I also believe that as we go through life we find ourselves sometimes trapped in a maze full of  false exits, dead ends, stuck routines and even some scary things like monsters. My strategy is to enter that maze with you to help shine light and guide you out of the wilderness toward freedom, happiness and love.

My Promises to you

I promise to be there for you and to lovingly support you as we explore your unconscious mind in search of answers. I will assist you to face your fears, combat your anxieties and find the discipline to control your obsessions. My vow is to help you find the courage to overcome your demons, the strength to heal from your hurts, the wisdom to enlighten your path and the fortitude to move forward and achieve all that you want to accomplish in your life. My commitment to you is to make our hypnotic experiences enjoyable as well as rewarding. I just want to help spread joy to you and others, that's why I even do a live stage mentalism and hypnosis show. Why not have a great time, laugh and experience all that life has to offer?


My mission is to help guide you through the hidden paths in your unconscious mind so that you will achieve the version of you that only you can envision. I promise to always be honest, sincere and put your safety first in order to give the finest quality hypnosis available. Together, we will create invaluable techniques that we can implement in order to empower you. Through interacting with your unconscious mind, I will listen to your desires, wants, dreams and all that you inspire to be. My core values are integrity, commitment, love for others and above all else God-centeredness. These core values are unmatched by my competitors because they are embedded in embracing and enjoying all that life has to offer while continuing to exercise a higher standard of morality. It is through implementing this code of core values that I will help you to transform yourself into all that you have always wanted to be. It is in the heart of this philosophy that I build my reputation and the foundation of my hypnosis business.